Company Name Mercedes GP
Location N/A, United Kingdom
Date Posted 30, Thursday 2010
Team Mercedes GP
Job Type Engineering


Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Limited has a requirement for five student engineers to support the development of our Formula 1 car for the 2011/12 seasons. Two of these roles exist within the Systems Engineering Group and the three remaining roles exist with the Vehicle Engineering and Dynamics Group. The five roles offer unique opportunities to gain experience in the exciting world of F1 racing through the following tasks:

1. To provide analysis of race and test data to help optimise the performance of our cars and provide guidance for future designs. This will include analysis of on-car data combined with effective use of our vehicle simulation tools.

2. To provide pre and post-race analysis of vehicle performance with particular emphasis on our performance compared to other teams.

3. To assist in the development and validation of software tools and mathematical models for predicting current and future vehicle performance, as well as supporting other members of staff in using the software.

4. To develop techniques to provide more accurate data for use in simulations

5. To develop software and processes to enhance lab testing activities as well as perform analysis to support the use of lab test results.

6. To develop existing and create new mathematical models and software in Matlab/Simulink and/or Dymola, to help understand the detailed performance, efficiency & dynamics of F1 systems design.

All positions are primarily factory based but may require attendance at track tests during the season, as well as factory-based support during race weekends.

The successful applicants should have a strong background in mathematics and dynamics. They should be a keen team player but also able to work independently when required. An interest or understanding of vehicle dynamics would be advantageous but is not a prerequisite. Experience of software development, MATLAB or Excel would also be useful.